Just Give Me the “614” On Great Placemakers:  A Neighbor’s Guide

Tell us if this sounds familiar: “There’s definitely something I want to see at Great Placemakers, but yeesh! 3 days?  The cost?  Just tell me what I should see, already!”  We hear you.  Great Placemakers is a little overwhelming.  Let’s see if we can oblige you, Neighbor.

I’m An Interested Neighbor, But I Have Budget:

Kyle EzellWe’ll be placemaking your face off all week, but the show kicks off Tuesday and you can’t pick a better day if you’re short on time and payday is too far away.  FREE seems to be a word we haven’t used when describing Great Placemakers, so let’s start there.  Never will you listen to or meet a man more engaged and passionate about using authenticity as a foundation to placemaking than Kyle Ezell, many may match but none will surpass.  “What does that even mean?”  We’re interested ourselves, so join us to find out what makes a place unique and remarkable.


Can’t take off work? The 5-7p.m. walk and talk with Kyle is free!  And, you know, if you didn’t want to feel like a freeloader, you could fork over an entire $25 for the post-talk cocktail party afterward, just a thought, just a suggestion.  But we can’t think of anything better than sharing planning ideas other than sharing planning ideas…with a few drinks in you.  (Disclaimer: We do not promote alcoholism, just social chemistry.)

 If There’s One Thing You Can’t Miss It’s…










Thursday. You remember grade school field trips, right?  You go through the motions all week, actual study and homework was a daze, all because you were excited to go to Camp Where Ever.  That’s Thursday at Great Placemakers, where we go out into the field and visit neighborhoods that define successful paths to accessibility and walkability.  The names Short North, Franklinton, Weinland Park and German Village may not mean the same thing to folks outside I-270, but all of these Columbus icons have a unique story to which you can relate.  They wreak of community engagement and passion and after one visit it’s a smell you won’t want to wash off. And hey – maybe they’re doing something you want to try in your ‘hood.


Give Me the Coolest Thing You Got!  What Would Mick Jagger Do at GPL?

We got this.  You really want an experience to remember at Great Placemakers, something to take away?  You really want to affect your neighborhood’s accessibility?  Then strip down all your senses and go blind!  We will literally be blindfolding 25 individuals who are daring enough to “open their eyes” to neighborhood navigation by closing them.  If you really want to think about all the levels of diversity a community impacts, then join us on this “blind walk” experience.  We feel Mick would be doing the “rooster” all over Friday’s “blind walk”, won’t you?  A half-day of blind walk and ALL the things that make a place walkable is just $65.


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